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KLINEXA is a scientifically focused contract research organization that provides pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies with a full range of services.

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It’s not just your products that will help you stay ahead of the competition in the life sciences industry you need to invest in your employees. We can help you restructure in ways that complement their talents and skills to give you the best business results.

Why your people matter

Fundamental changes in the life science industry over the past few years are leading successful companies to reassess their approach, focusing on:

  • providing valuable solutions rather than just selling new products
  • developing strong client relations and health outcomes
  • conducting R&D that is driven by the market, not by scientific advances alone
  • promoting product development above technical ability
  • building a focused, collaborative sales force.

Klinexa global life sciences advantage

Even the best strategy or plan won’t work if you don’t take into account what’s at the core of any potential change: your people.

Our approach

We help organizations succeed by showing them how individuals, skills and jobs contribute to strategic goals. We transform business strategies into plans that work – with a focus on developing leaders.

Our resources

Our teams include highly skilled life sciences consultants from around the world, backed by subject specialists who offer both in-depth knowledge of their own area and insights gained from outside the life sciences arena. Our international offices mean we can work with our clients locally, while keeping an eye on the global perspective.